my story

When I first got a camera my intent was to photograph landscapes and natural wonders. However, I soon found that taking stunning shots of mountains and waterfalls takes time, skill, patience, and interesting weather. Yes, I had time and a little skill, but I had no patience to wait for the perfect cast of light or the most dramatic cloud display. So I found myself wandering city streets, neighborhood alleys, and junk yards in search of miniature landscapes, ones that you might not look twice at, but that, upon close inspection, reveal beauty, humor, abstraction, and the downright weird. I love zooming in on something as simple as an old truck’s insignia or capturing paint that's been degraded by water from sprinklers. 
I do tweak most of my photos in post production, sometimes barely, sometimes heavily. 
For each picture I sell I donate $20 to charity.
I moved to Boise 1989 from Hereford, England, and now split my time between Boise and Ketchum, Idaho.